Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Win a five dollar Amazon gift card

introducing the five dollar amazon gift card contest

To enter you need to follow my blog at there is no dot after the third w.

click on the follow button to follow my blog and click on any of the adds in my site.

next leave a comment putting your name amd email and on sep 24 I will announce the winner, you can email me at for an extra entry plus you have to follow me and click on a google add and one lucky winner will bbe emailed an unused code.

Acne be gone

It's a miracle . Hi Blogger and am here with great news on a homemade toner that helps remove acne.

Things you need

* uncotted ASprin .98 cent at walmart

* witch Hazel $4.00 at walmat

* A clean bottle or traveler bottle .99 cent in cvs

First take 12 asprin an put it in the bottle . then pour some witch hazel into the bottle half way

wait for the asprin to desolve into the witch hazel

then apply it to your face using a a cotton ball.

Then brush off the asprin grain

I promise you guys that this is proven to work

Hip hip for Megan Nicolay

Hi guys and i would like to talk to you guy abot diy aka do it yourself. Her books Generation T has some of the most amazing projects ever and they are very fun to make. You can purschase them for amazon and tons of other site from used books to new.

Hello Bloggers. All this week am going to be bring you guys some contests give aways and some diy projectfeatures bty threadbanger

WOW !Fun ,Cute at a low price

When It comes to boots you dont have to break the bank to get fashionable boots at a great price. These boots are so cute and you can purchase them at . The first boot cost $21. $23 $16 .PRice is in picture order.