Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Sally Lee by the Sea - Coastal Blog - Shopping. Decorating. Crafts. Travel.: Sail Away with Me: A Mural & Contest!: "Happy Monday ~ I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine went by too darn fast, how about you? I did finally finish up a little mu..."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pattern making :)

Create Your Own Personalized Sewing Pattern
Draw two perpendicular lines on a sheet of paper, with the vertical line as close to the left edge of the page as possible and the horizontal line flush with the bottom of the page. This is the basis from which you will fill in the lines that define your own sewing patterns.

Measure your center frontline and waistline. Your center frontline runs from the apex of your rib cage (at the bottom of the throat) down to your navel. Make sure to measure your waistline at its widest point to make sure the garment you end up making will fit properly.

Note your waist measurement on a piece of paper. On the page with the two perpendicular lines, mark the length of your center front line, noting the measurement on the actual page and keeping it to scale if your paper is not large enough to represent the actual length.

Measure your side front line. This measurement allows you to determine the position of your shoulder seam. To do this, start at the same place you began when you measured your center front line, but instead measure the distance from there to side of your neck. Add this measurement, called the side front line, to your sheet with the perpendicular lines.

Position your measuring tape at your shoulder seam and measure the distance from your shoulder seam to your waist. Note this measurement on the side front line, which is now represented on your sheet of paper.

Determine your shoulder seam by measuring from your center front line to the outside of the shoulder seam. Draw the line onto your sheet. Repeat, starting from the waist point of the center front line, moving to the shoulder seam. Draw this line onto your sheet as well.

Find out your side seam requirements by measuring the width of your body. Beginning from the center front line, measure across to your side seam at both the chest and waist, drawing both lines onto your sheet.

Finish the side seam determination by starting halfway between your chest and waist. Measure from there to your side seam, following it up vertically. Draw the line onto your sheet.

Fill in the neck and arm (armsceye) curves by joining the side front line to the center front line at the neck and to the side seam at the arm. Your pattern can now be traced onto sewing pattern paper, and you can pin it together and try it on to ensure a proper fit.

Purchase a book to refer to as you work if you are unsure how to proceed at any point. Donald H. McCunn's 'How To Make Sewing Patterns' (see Resources below) is an easy-to-follow favorite

Saturday, August 28, 2010

cool rocking tee

Hi T-shirt fans! I’m super excited to share with you new fun stuff over here at Generation T. (Note the shmancy header on this particular post!) Each month, I’m posting a new project (sometimes T-shirt, sometimes not — I’ll keep you on your toes!) sponsored by the lovely folks over at iLoveToCreate (umm…who doesn’t?). I’ll be posting every project right here, so you guys won’t miss out on anything, but I do encourage you to visit the iLoveToCreate blog from time to time since there are a number of other super fun crafty brains at work on new projects all the time.

Now here’s the good stuff: a T-shirt project I’ve been meaning to make and post for some time. I found the inspiration in a tween-ish retail store I visited this summer (I know, I know, now that I’m a thirty-something perhaps I should start shopping in more adult places) and thought, as I often do, I could so make that….And then, I grabbed some scissors and paint and made it: a tank top with a nod to 80s punk slashed couture and a wink to 80s hip-hop street style.


2 T-shirts (1 fitted, dark color; 1 in larger size, light color)

Tulip Big Phat fabric markers
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Spray Paint Kit (including fabric paint and spray paint cannon)
Tulip Fashion Graffiti stencils

paper grocery bag (or other scrap paper or sheet to use as a drop cloth)

chalk markerAleene’s Fabric Fusion (or needle and thread)

Make it:

1. Cut off the sleeves of the darker T-shirt, just outside the seams, to make a tank top.

2. Cut off the neckband of the lighter T-shirt and lay the tank top over it, lining them up at the neck holes. Trace the tank top onto the T-shirt and cut out the outline through only one layer to make the peekaboo panel.

3. Set aside the dark tank top. Lay the panel flat on the grocery bag paper. Use the fabric markers and stencils to lay a background pattern. (I used chain link fence!)

4. Fill up the paint cannon and spray freehand across the panel in combination with stencils to create another pattern layer. Change colors as much as desired! Then set the panel aside and let it dry.

5. Turn the tank top inside out and measure and mark 9″-long horizontal lines, about 1″ apart, down the front. Stop about 4″ from the bottom hem.

6. Cut along the chalk lines through just one layer of fabric.

7. Gently place the (now dry) panel right side down against the front of the (still inside out) tank top, lining them up again at the neckline. Peel back one side of the panel and squeeze an even amount of fabric glue along the edge. Then gently press the edge against the tank top. Continue gluing around the straight edges only (minus the bottom hem) to attach the panel to the slashed surface of the tank top. Let it dry!

8. Carefully turn the tank top right side out and try it on! The bright graffiti panel will peek through the slashes you made in the front of the darker layer.


-If you want to keep the sleeves attached and your shoulders covered, do it! Simply tuck the sleeves inside the shirt while you’re tracing it in step 2.

-If you want to be able to change things up at on a moment’s notice, just spray an entire tank top (rather than a panel) in steps 3 and 4 and wear it layered underneath the slashed tee. Then you have the option of having the graffiti tank peeking between the slashes or any other tank top you have in your wardrobe!

-Try slashing different shapes! Familiarize yourself with the Brokenhearted tee (project #3 in Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt) for a sweet spin on this project.

Now go off and fight. For your right. To par-tee!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super cute dress

* Things you'll need
- Sewing Machine
- Scissor
- Pins
- Ruler
- Measuring tape
- Thread
* Materials
- 1/2 inch 36-40 inches
_ 1 extra Large men's dress shirt
1) Cut a strait line from the underarm. This will make the body of the dress
2) Fold over 3/4 on the cut edge. This will be the elastic casting.
3) You'll run the elastic from one side seam to the other.
4) insert the elastic in the side seam you left first
5) With the end of the elastic sticking out,sew a vertical line near the to hold the elastic in place
6) sew the other end of the elastic into the casting
7) pull the rest of the elastic through the other side seam.
8) stick the rest to the elastic into the casting and close it up.
9) cut one sleeve off the shirt . this will be the bodice.
10) cut the sleeve into two pieces
11) use a tank top pAttern to cut the sleeve pieces for the bust
12) sew the darts in place
13) repeate onthe second piece
14) finish all raw edges
15) align the bodice pieces with the dress overlapping two pieces and sew
16) use the rest of the sleeve fabric for the straps
17) place the ends of two straps together and sew
18) turn the straps inside out
19) sew the straps to the top or the bust pieces
now u have a fun chick dress to wear in the summer
CHeck this video at


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Acne be gone

It's a miracle . Hi Blogger and am here with great news on a homemade toner that helps remove acne.

Things you need

* uncotted ASprin .98 cent at walmart

* witch Hazel $4.00 at walmat

* A clean bottle or traveler bottle .99 cent in cvs

First take 12 asprin an put it in the bottle . then pour some witch hazel into the bottle half way

wait for the asprin to desolve into the witch hazel

then apply it to your face using a a cotton ball.

Then brush off the asprin grain

I promise you guys that this is proven to work

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When it comes to style and fashion it's about what you like and your personality. So come on! It's your world your style and your singnificant taste. SO, get up ! raise your needles up for diy and expessing our syle on a low budget. Shred it cut it, make hot,cute or sassssssy ,it your style and make it any way you wanna. It doesn't matter if what you like is diffrent or when you in room people snicker. It's doesn't matter.It's Style of Expression.