Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super cute dress

* Things you'll need
- Sewing Machine
- Scissor
- Pins
- Ruler
- Measuring tape
- Thread
* Materials
- 1/2 inch 36-40 inches
_ 1 extra Large men's dress shirt
1) Cut a strait line from the underarm. This will make the body of the dress
2) Fold over 3/4 on the cut edge. This will be the elastic casting.
3) You'll run the elastic from one side seam to the other.
4) insert the elastic in the side seam you left first
5) With the end of the elastic sticking out,sew a vertical line near the to hold the elastic in place
6) sew the other end of the elastic into the casting
7) pull the rest of the elastic through the other side seam.
8) stick the rest to the elastic into the casting and close it up.
9) cut one sleeve off the shirt . this will be the bodice.
10) cut the sleeve into two pieces
11) use a tank top pAttern to cut the sleeve pieces for the bust
12) sew the darts in place
13) repeate onthe second piece
14) finish all raw edges
15) align the bodice pieces with the dress overlapping two pieces and sew
16) use the rest of the sleeve fabric for the straps
17) place the ends of two straps together and sew
18) turn the straps inside out
19) sew the straps to the top or the bust pieces
now u have a fun chick dress to wear in the summer
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  1. I'd love to make this dress but I'm not very good at sewing :S Can you please do some tutorials on making patterns etc?